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Bare Self

Luxury Chocolate supporting your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, as well as your cycle. Introducing Bare Self boutique chocolate, all Australian made with 100% natural ingredients.

Bare Self are passionate about food as medicine and have mindfully curated each product to help women embrace self love and self care easily and tastefully by nourishing their body.

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Her Chocolate Rose Delight | Bare SelfHer Chocolate Rose Delight | Bare Self
Her Chocolate Salted Caramel | Bare SelfHer Chocolate Salted Caramel | Bare Self
Her Chocolate Original | Bare SelfHer Chocolate Original | Bare Self
Pregnancy Chocolate | Bare SelfPregnancy Chocolate | Bare Self
Breastfeeding Chocolate | Bare SelfBreastfeeding Chocolate | Bare Self