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About Us

Here are some beautiful words from Jenna, the hand and heart behind Musings from the Moon;

I live in Victoria, Australia with my partner Ryan and little boy Louie. Here you will find prose and illustrations that explore all things magical and self-loving.

My love for drawing and words began to unravel in my journal in my early twenties – a time when I felt completely lost and confused, and nothing outside of me seemed to soothe my restlessness. I became drawn to discovering everything I could about my spiritual nature and felt a strong connection with the moon and stars. I remember looking at the moon and suddenly all of my worries became insignificant when I opened my eyes to the vastness of the sky and the universe. The moon soothed all of the noise and for me, it felt like home.

I got really tired of trying to "figure things out" in my head and instead started surrendering and feeling into my body and the present moment without the need to be anywhere else. From that place, little pieces of prose and illustrations started to flow out of me to describe that experience of presence, love, oneness and freedom. Writing and drawing has been my way of expressing the mysteries of my inner world and through the aches, has shown me more magical moments than I could ever have imagined. 

I create to inspire self-acceptance, a nurtured heart, spiritual awakening and the awareness of our inner magic. I hope that my work reminds you to soften, to lay down all that hurts you and to feel your completeness. 

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