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Mere Botanicals Australia

Mere Botanicals Australia

Searching for natural and organic birth products? We love Mere Botanicals. 

Mere Botanicals recognised the need for better birth and postpartum products to support women on their motherhood journey. So, drawing on a background in naturopathy and motherhood, Kate founded Mere Botanicals. 

Today, Mere Botanicals have a range of nurturing products – from birth kits to pregnancy tea to nappy cream. Mere Botanicals supports your body, baby and the environment – when you need it most.  

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Mere Botanicals | Grown Collab Toiletry BagMere Botanicals | Grown Collab Toiletry Bag
Mere Botanicals | Pink Grapefruit Lip BalmMere Botanicals | Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm
Mere Botanicals | C-Oil 50mlMere Botanicals | C-Oil 50ml
Mere Botanicals | Birth Announcement PlaqueMere Botanicals | Birth Announcement Plaque
Mere Botanicals | Breastfeeding Support KitMere Botanicals | Breastfeeding Support Kit
Mere Botanicals | Cesarean Birth KitMere Botanicals | Cesarean Birth Kit
Sold out Mere Botanicals | Full Birth KitMere Botanicals | Full Birth Kit
Mere Botanicals | Labour KitMere Botanicals | Labour Kit
Task Tracker Magnet
Perineal Wash Bottle + BoosterPerineal Wash Bottle + Booster
Sold out Birth Comb
Mere Botanicals
Birth Comb Sale price$18.95
Sold out Mere ScrunchieMere Scrunchie
Perineal Ice + Heat PacksPerineal Ice + Heat Packs
Breast Ice + Heat PacksBreast Ice + Heat Packs
Sold out Nursing Tea 60gm | Mere BotanicalsNursing Tea 60gm | Mere Botanicals
Sold out Pregnancy Tea 60gm | Mere BotanicalsPregnancy Tea 60gm | Mere Botanicals
Nipple Cream 60gm | Mere BotanicalsNipple Cream 60gm | Mere Botanicals
Stretch Mark Cream 100ml | Mere BotanicalsStretch Mark Cream 100ml | Mere Botanicals
Sold out Clary Sage Roller 10ml | Mere BotanicalsClary Sage Roller 10ml | Mere Botanicals
Postpartum Bath Salts 350gm | Mere Botanicals
Labour Aid 40gm | Mere BotanicalsLabour Aid 40gm | Mere Botanicals
Healing Peri Spray 30ml | Mere BotanicalsHealing Peri Spray 30ml | Mere Botanicals
Perineal Massage Oil 100ml | Mere BotanicalsPerineal Massage Oil 100ml | Mere Botanicals
Sold out Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 60gm | Mere BotanicalsOrganic Raspberry Leaf Tea 60gm | Mere Botanicals
Nappy Cream 100ml | Mere BotanicalsNappy Cream 100ml | Mere Botanicals